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Graduate Pathway Program

Please note: Information about the 2024 Graduate Pathway Program application process will be released soon.

The Illuminate Adelaide Graduate Pathway Program is a professional development opportunity offered to recent graduates of creative arts degrees supporting their transition from student to a career as a practicing artist.

Made possible with thanks to the generous support from the James & Diana Ramsay Foundation, recent graduates (up to five years) are invited to submit a creative proposal forming part of the Illuminate Adelaide program. The Co-Founders and Creative Directors of Illuminate Adelaide will select up to three proposals for presentation. Selected recipients will be matched with mentors to support their practice and extend their ambition. In this way, the selected artists enhance their skills, but also grow their professional networks.

The Opportunity

The Illuminate Adelaide Graduate Pathway Program offers recent graduates a fully funded career development opportunity including possible presentation of their work within a highly visible public platform, being the subsequent Illuminate Adelaide event, including:

  • A $5,000 commission fee paid to the selected artist/s (up to three selected per annum).
  • $2,000 per selected artist/s supporting costs associated with presentation of their work.
  • A 6-month professional development opportunity including an introduction to a committed mentor working in an associated field/practice.

2023 Recipients:

Jade Armstrong crafts light sculptures, public art, and immersive experiences that bring viewers sharply into the present moment with her own style of playful storytelling. With an emphasis on, and passion for, sustainability, Jade strives to use recycled materials in her work wherever possible.

Bailey Donovan is a glass artist who specialises in the remarkable, world-renowned techniques of caneworking and murine used by Venetian glassblowers. Bailey draws inspiration from everyday patterns found in textiles, wallpapers, and sweets, evoking a sense of domesticity and nostalgia in his work. 

Are you a graduate artist?

Applications are now closed for 2023.

Information about the 2024 Graduate Pathway Program application process will be released soon.

In the meantime, hear from 2022 Graduate Pathway Program recipient Miles Dunne and how he developed his work Proximity State for this year's City Lights program.

Presenting Partners


Image: 'Proximity State' by Miles Dunne, presented in City Lights and River Lights, Illuminate Adelaide 2023
Credit: Tyr Liang at Xplorer Studio