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Graduate Pathway Program

The Illuminate Adelaide Graduate Pathway Program is a professional development opportunity offered to recent graduates of creative arts degrees supporting their transition from student to a career as a practicing artist

The Opportunity

The Illuminate Adelaide Graduate Pathway Program offers recent graduates a fully funded career development opportunity including possible presentation of their work within a highly visible public platform, being the Illuminate Adelaide 2023 event, including:

  • A $5,000 commission fee paid to the selected artist/s (up to three selected per annum)
  • $2,000 per selected artist/s supporting costs associated with presentation of their work
  • A 6-month professional development opportunity including an introduction to a committed mentor working in an associated field/practice to push the technology/light and outdoor suitability of the work for presentation.


Congratulations to Miles DunneAndrea Przygonski and Craig Glasson for your successful entries! We can't wait to see the works you create in 2023 💚


Illuminate Adelaide Graduate Pathway Program Timeline 2022 - 2023

1 July 2022: Entries open

30 August 2022: Entries close (midnight ACST)

September 2022: Announce successful proposals and commence mentor introductions

October to December 2022: Artists and mentors refine proposals

January 2023: Presentation of refined proposals (prototype) to IA Directors

February to July 2023: Selected works transition to production

July 2023: Presentation of selected works at Illuminate Adelaide 2023


2021 Recipients and City Lights Commissions: 

Alycia Bennett, 2017 Bachelor of Visual Art (Hons)

Bennett’s works spans across community social practice, relational performance, installation, sculpture, video and sound. Bennett’s practice investigates concepts surrounding surveillance, public and private space, and re-distribution of class and power. Their practice is informed by ideas of autonomy, self-sustaining communities and non-institutional learning.

Alycia Bennett's work, Face Value, is presented in 2022's City Lights program

Cristina Metelli, 2018 Bachelor of Visual Art (Hons)

Metelli’s practice extends from traditional life-drawing to clay sculpture, lost-wax bronze casting, making ephemeral sculptures with wire mesh and later painting with watercolour, acrylic paint and encaustic wax. Her practice is currently based on abstract oil paintings.

Cristina Metelli's work, Within The Landscape, is presented in 2022's City Lights program

Nicholas Hanisch, 2020 Bachelor of Visual Art (Hons) & Cassie Thring, 2015 Bachelor of Visual Art

Hanisch and Thring's collaborative practice combines printmaking, sculpture, technologies, and interactive performative elements. Their work strives to create tangible objects from conceptual themes. They include creating installations based on science fiction, the natural world, and value systems.

Presenting Partners



Image: Emergent Horizons Pixel Ninjas as part of City Lights 2021 Credit Jiayuan Liang