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Meet The Team

Meet the team bringing Illuminate Adelaide to light

Rachael Azzopardi Co-Founder and Creative Director

Lee Cumberlidge Co-Founder and Creative Director

Ian Scobie AM Director


Di Farrell Finance and Administration Manager

Simon Greer Production Manager

Peter Kelly Senior Production Manager - Major Projects

Amy Nancarrow Marketing & Communications Manager

Hannah Priebe-Clarke Head of Business Development and Partnerships

Dani Raymond Ticketing and Customer Service Manager

Harriet Roberts Program Producer

Spencer Scholz Head of Marketing and Communications

Jayden Sutherland Technical Manager

Violette Vidal Program Producer

Daniel Vorrasi Producer, Light Cycles

India Ward Marketing Coordinator

Kat Waterman Production Manager

Sam Wright Executive Producer


Sarah Abbott, Daisy Buckland Sassafras PR

Tatia Sloley, Mary Thompson TS Publicity