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We tailor partnerships to suit you by offering thoughtful, bespoke, and diverse partnerships designed to meet your business objectives whilst providing maximum return on investment.

Why Illuminate Adelaide?

  • Align your brand with the future industries growth segment and the South Australian Government’s Growth State agenda.
  • Grow the local economy by supporting the activation of the Adelaide CBD during the traditionally low season of winter.
  • Build on the creative identity and tourism potential of Adelaide and South Australia.
  • Support the community and well-being of South Australians in the wintertime.

Indicative benefits

  • Receive sought-after invitations to events that attract government representatives, key decision-makers, and like-minded organisations
  • Showcase your brand, business, products, and services to a broad and accessible audience annually
  • Opportunities for customer and stakeholder entertainment or staff rewards through receipt of invitations to exciting events
  • Engage in a marketing and publicity campaign which attracts over $30 million in media coverage and over 16 million brand impressions across the event

Whether you are a corporate or philanthropic organisation, small, big, or big in ambition, please get in touch.

For more information please contact Amy Byars, Head of Business Development and Partnerships, at [email protected].

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