Unsound is known not only for curating adventurous music around the world, but also discussion programs giving context for performances.

Unsound Adelaide includes talks with festival artists Stephen O’Malley, Kali Malone, Adam Golabiewski and Rohan Rebeiro of MY DISCO exploring music and collaboration, while Marina Herlop talks about present and future forms of the voice.

Researcher, curator and artist Joel Stern will present an introduction to Machine Listening, a collaborative project engaging artists, musicians, writers, activists and educators.

The discussion program concludes with Unsound directors Mat Schulz and Gosia Plysa.

Image: Artwork Rafal Dominik Studio / Image Frankie The Creative

Curated by Mat Schulz and Gosia Płysa

Presentations and Discussions

Led by Joel Stern, Sean Dockrey and James Parker – and originally initiated by Liquid Architecture with Unsound online at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic – Machine Listening is a collaborative project engaging artists, musicians, writers, activists and educators.

An examination of the ways that our devices are listening to us – through digital voice assistants, smart speakers and a growing range of related technologies – the Machine Listening project has also expanded in surprising ways. In this experimental, participatory talk, Joel gives an introduction.

A trailblazing artist at Unsound discusses her use of the voice in music.

Marina Herlop looks at the way that she employs technology in song writing and music, creating hybrid realities that blur boundaries relating to the voice in terms of music and human identity.

A discussion on collaboration through music and sound. Is the aim to dissolve or underline one’s sense of self by playing with others? Do new collaborations allow musicians to rupture their usual way of doing things? Is it necessary for musicians to be in a room together to collaborate, or in 2022 can one meet remotely?

Participants include Stephen O’Malley and collaborator Kali Malone, as well as Rohan Rebeiro of MY DISCO, who have collaborated with Polish percussionist and experimental musician Adam Golabiewski for Unsound Adelaide.

A discussion with Unsound directors Mat Schulz and Gosia Plysa, who give an overview of Unsound and its activities around the world – including Adelaide - in a world affected by the pandemic, and increasing conflict between counties.

The idea of precariousness is also looked at from the perspective of programming in unpredictable ways, where success is not always guaranteed, as well as the struggles of independent, project-based organisations.

Moderated by Joel Stern.


Sat 23 July


Queens Theatre

Playhouse Ln & Gilles Arcade

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270 mins


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Unsound Adelaide | 22 - 23 July

Returning to its spiritual home in the Southern Hemisphere for 2022.

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